"Design Wave" means "Stream of Electronics Design".
"Design Wave" is supporting electronics design methodology.
"Design Wave" is covering LSI design, PCB design and embedded system design.

"Design Wave" is a brand of CQ Publishing. Co., Ltd.

Design Wave Magazine (Monthly)

Launched in 1995, DESIGN WAVE MAGAZINE was the first electronics magazine in Japan to exclusively:

- Create an environment in which readers, both design engineers and engineering managers, can read about and gain experience in evaluating new circuit/system design methodologies.

- Present comprehensive technical explanations about circuit/system design methodologies.

- Pave the way for the next generation of circuit/system design methodologies in Japan.

Design Wave Magazine

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Kumikomi Net

"Kumikomi" means "Embedded Technology" in Japanese.
Kumikomi Net provides a variety of knowledge and information about Embedded Technology.

Kumikomi Net

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EDA Tool Evaluation Kit

CQ RISC Evaluation Kit --RISC system development kit.
It includes RISC CPU board, Remote Debugger(for Windows), Cross C-compiler.

FLEX10KE Evaluation Kit --PLD system development kit.
It includes PLD board (with Altera "EPF10K30E" device), PLD development tool ("Quartus-II Web Edition").

Spartan-II Evaluation Kit --FPGA system development kit.
It includes FPGA board (with Xilinx "Spartan-II" device), FPGA development tool ("ISE WebPACK").

Evaluation Kit
Design Wave Books

The series of books coveres micro processor, LSI design, and so on.

Design Wave Books

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